Wednesday, August 09, 2006

3 Tiered Tea Tray

If I was in charge of the universe, everyone would own a vintagey, charming 3 tiered tea serving plate. I just adore them! And of course in my universe, everyone would serve delectible goodies on all three tiers! No more wars and rumours of wars, for sure. Just everyone having a lovely tea break with nibbley cucumber sandwiches, chocolate and petit fours.

My 3 tiered tea server came from cousin Bobbie (seen stirring fudge in the last post) who shares my love of old and wonderful goodies. It was obviously made in ceramics class by a woman fond of puke yellow, but I love it just the same!

Since I am currently too busy to host tea parties on a daily basis, it has rather mutated itself to become a great holder for all my hand-made cards!

And here's Mackie, begging me to play and then napping when I decline. He's so darn cute, he should have a 3 tiered kitty serving dish of his own!


Lee-ann said...

A tea tray full to the brim of delish! afternoon tea is too much for me not to sit and partake in!

what a happy event it would be.

I wish I could come over and enjoy some of those family made cookies and chat awhile.


Sharon K said...

Ilove the picture of the vintage cake dish and I like you would wish an afternoon tea each day to all. I think the pattern of china is beautiful and love the picture of the kitty.

Anonymous said...

Hooray...I'll vote for you as "universe operator"! And might we eat chocolate and petit fours with only Good side effects? Oh please?

Queen Q

PEA said...

Fill up that cake dish and I'll be right over:-) It's truly a beautiful piece and it's a shame that "tea time" is not followed so much anymore! Your kitty is so darling:-)

Shell said...

I love the tray. I'm a tea lover myself (having a cup of Adagio Ginger as I write this) I just love your home. Looks so inviting and pretty. You have a nice blog.