Sunday, December 16, 2007

Practically Perfect in Every Way

If you've been reading me for a while, or if you've read all the archives, you know that I am a caregiver for Senior Citizens in their homes, and that I love my job. You also know that it is a thankless job, subjecting me to all kinds of abuse: emotional, physical and financial.

It can be amusing and fun, a learning experience and sometimes a real Joy; but what it rarely is, is a job of acknowledgment. If you are doing a good job, you don't even get noticed most of the time. Certainly not by the family who hired you to take their addled Mom or Dad off their hands. And rarely by the company I work for who doesn't really interact with me unless it's time for a Service Call or an In-Service meeting held quarterly.

So you can imagine how utterly delighted and thrilled I was when the placement coordinator in the office told me about my new Client and the daughter who was asking about me before I was placed.

"Is she a good caregiver?" asked the daughter.

Miss Pearl at the office replied, "She's one of our best. It's like if you were hiring a nanny and Mary Poppins showed up."

Now, that made my entire year! Miss Pink Ponsonby: Practically Perfect in Every Way

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Anonymous said...

I know you would never say so yourself, but ALL your friends know you are indeed practically perfect!! How nice that your employer has Finally figured it out as well :-)

Queen Q