Thursday, December 20, 2007

Newspaper Drama

For some reason, everyone in Miss Kitty's world has a name but is called something else entirely. Today she told me all about Gerry her podiatrist. "His name is Alphonse." She has more occurrences of name switching in her vicinity than I've ever seen before in my 51 years! She also, as I've stated before, has more BIG people, babies, and dogs in her world. Just today, as I was changing out the bug light for her on the front porch, she told me that her ex-sister in law had a 15 lb. 27 inch baby. "That girl was big and I don't just mean BIG, I mean BIG".
Yes, I'd say that was extra-big.

On an entirely different subject, I received the copy of the article in the paper about the guy I almost ran over last week. I thought the article was hysterically funny for some reason! The reporter REALLY made it dramatic. Or was that me when I told it to him? Here it is:

Here's what ran in the paper today. Thanks for your help.

Everyday occurrences: After a fruitless search for a Supercuts in Natomas Marketplace recently, midtown resident K**** S Ponsonby made the turn out onto Truxel Road north and nearly ran over a body in the road. "My eyes saw something I interpreted as a Wal-Mart bag," she said. Then it registered. "It was a human." She stopped her car to prevent drivers from hitting the man, put on the flashers and went over to check a guy whose face was bloodied. She doesn't know whether he stumbled or was hit there, but she marveled that people waiting in the turn lane next to him hadn't appeared to notice. When law enforcement arrived, she was too shaky to even notice whether it was police or the Highway Patrol asking for her ID. "I was ill and dizzy and ready to pass out." She told the officer, crying, that it was the most bizarre thing that had ever happened to me. "He shrugged and said, 'Maybe for you, but this happens to me every day.' " ... Postscript: Police report they still don't know what happened. The victim -- once he came to -- remembered nothing.

Carlos Alcala Sacramento Bee (916) 321-1987

And that is my 5 minutes of Fame! Merry Christmas Everybody, I hope it's a BIG, no, I mean BIG, REALLY BIG day!

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Joy said...

Wow! I would like to take this time right now to say that I feel PARTIALLY famous for having a cousin whose name is in the Sacramento Bee AND a sister, Skeeter Jean who wrote an incredible article for FLW! Shouldn't there be fame for a RELATIVE of the famous.... :)