Monday, December 17, 2007

BIGGEST Baby of All

Ah, that Miss Kitty! She is definitely on a roll with the BIG things. Today we were discussing her nephew who is shacked up with a girl who just gave birth to baby #2. Neither 'parent' is over 21 years old, and are planning on having a very big wedding in a few months.

Miss Kitty wonders if the bride will wear white.

Tea stained is the color I'd pick for her. But then I said I thought it was a moot point as to the color, since she'd be wearing a topless gown so she can walk down the aisle with a babe on each breast and not interrupt their feeding schedule.

Miss Kitty said, "Oh, that's nothing! Do you know how Bob and Betty Bore's boy Bobby got married? His girlfriend had the baby first and it was a BIG baby. I mean, a really BIG baby. I've never seen a baby that BIG, have you? BIG! B I G Baby! Bob Bore is BIG so I guess it's in their bones."

"Well, how big was that baby, Miss Kitty?" I asked.

"The Bore Baby was SO BIG it wouldn't fit into a stroller. They had to wheel it down the aisle in an American Flier Wagon!"


Joy said...

Wow! An American Flier Wagon! That baby is BIG! and TALL!

deb said...

That's the funniest thing I've heard in a while! She must be related to the Cook family-she's a story teller and knows how to exagerate.