Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dylis Dials In

Ages and ages ago I posted about my incarcerated friend's mother named Dylis. (One of these days I'll learn how to insert a link to the post of which I am speaking.) She was supposed to ride up here on the bus and then accompany me to the prison to see her son whom she had not seen in ten years.

But first she needed to go to Las Vegas and Texas.

Time passed and Dylis was still busy, and the plans for her visit just faded away.

Yesterday, the phone rang, and Lo and Behold, it was She! Here is a snippet of our wild conversation:

Girl! Let me tell you, I've been smoking since I was 8 years old. Yes, 8 years old! We used to go out into the streets and pick up cigarette butts and smoke them. It was considered cool. In those days you could buy cigarettes from the corner store 3 for a nickel. We'd buy them and then one of the neighbor lady's would let us smoke at her house. Of course she let us do that because she was stealing them from us!

Stealing cigarettes from an 8 year old! How low can you sink?

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Joy said...

Hmmm...she didn't drink?