Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You Can Call Me Al

Yesterday some pompous style-windbag was saying, "The look of layering is soooo important in fashion right now!" I just wanted to shout at the tv, "Well I don't THINK so! I beg to DIFFER! My layers of Fat and Flesh are NOT sooooo important!" But then I retracted that imaginary statement because, Hell to the Yah! It's winter! Starting with a thick layer of adipose tissue before donning the thermals, the polar fleece socks, the jeans, the sweaters, the coat and the scarf just makes Good Sense.

Yesterday the amusing Miss Kitty came up with another stunner. She was telling me some meandering story about how all the guests at her son's wedding are connected to each other. She said, "Her name is Sylvia but they call her Jean."

"Is her name really Sylvia Jean, then?" I asked.

"No, it's because her mother's name was Agnes."

It's time to start the pre-Thanksgiving prep. I like to make my cornbread stuffing up ahead of time. This year they were out of Jiffy Mix so I had to make my cornbread from scratch.

I used to just dice up the celery and the onions and toss them in but later on I learned to simmer them a bit first in the chicken broth.

I love my gigantic bread bowl. You can mix mass quantities of stuff in it and it never overflows.

Here's a question to ponder for the ages: Why is it that you can take perfectly soft fluffy marshmallows and harmless, easily-dissolved teeny little Rice Crispies and when you combine them together into Rice Crispy Treats they make this lethal concoction that cuts up the inside of your mouth into shredded flesh strips?


Joy said...

Who do you think is getting the boot tonight on Dancing with the Stars? I noticed with Edyta gone, there is a lot less flesh showing. I think maybe she used rice crispy treats to shred all her clothes before performances.

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

I know, she was always looking like Pocahontas in silly string. I kind of think it should be Marie who goes but I think her fan base is bigger than Jenni Garth's. I love Marie as a person but she needs to go. Are you rootin' for Max and Mel or Julianne and Elio? I love them both so I am neutral.

Joy said...

Oh I'm definately rooting for Helio and Julianne. They're my fav. I agree that Marie needs to go, even though that makes me feel bad because she's got such a good personality. It's a good thing she hasn't shredded HER clothes!