Tuesday, November 06, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different

I had a mysterious occurrence today! A serendipitous, synchronicitous event!

I went to WalMart. I had my list in my hand. As I was filling my basket with all the stuff from my list, I really needed to cross off the items as I got them so I didn't forget anything. So I looked for my pen. It wasn't in the little side pocket where I keep it, but it's not unusual for it to be down in the bottom of my bag, so I scrounged around for a while, but since I had just cleaned out my purse, it was easy to see that I had left my pen at home.

A lifetime of writing upside down and at an awkward slant has taught me that ball point pens do not work for me. Nor do those popular gel pens. I have to have an extra-fine point felt tip pen. I really like the Pilot Razor Point Pen Extra Fine. They are almost impossible to find and I really horde the ones I have. I keep tabs on them. I don't let them slip away. In fact, I usually carry a normal, serviceable but cheap Bic in my purse for loaning out should anyone ask. That's how close an eye I keep on my Pilot Razor Point Pens.

I was disappointed that I had left it at home but just kept on with my shopping. Kitty litter, cheesecloth, laundry detergent. Bug lights.

While standing at the tin foil and plastic wrap shelves, just preparatory to reaching for some gallon size Ziplocs, something fell out of the sky and tapped me on the head and rolled away on the floor. I looked down at my feet wondering what in the heck it could have been when what to my bright shining eyes should appear but a Pilot Razor Point Extra Fine Tip pen!

Did God just borrow it for a moment to tally my deeds and then toss it back to me? I was not touching the cart or the shelf, so I could not have dislodged it from anywhere. I never put a pen behind my ear so it didn't fall out from there. I looked up, I looked down, I looked from side to side and all around. There was no one in sight.

What are the odds that some other person uses that very same pen and accidentally lost it in that very place on the very day that I happened to be walking past and needed one? If so, did they leave it in mid-air? I ran all the possible explanations through my computer mind and could not come up with a single logical reason where that pen came from.

Wow! Many Happy Returns of the Glorious Day.


Joy said...

I'm thinking maybe it was dropped by the new girlfriend of Miss Kitty's friend -John- because she is REALLY REALLY tall. That's how it hit your head first before it hit the ground.

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

ha ha ha ha hahahaaaaaa!!!!