Sunday, November 04, 2007

What the Hell Time Is It, Anyway?

Okay. So last night before going to bed I set my little bedside clock ahead one hour. Because it's Fall Forward, right? Who falls backwards? You fall forward if you fall down the stairs. But if you need to spring out of someones way, you Spring Backwards, don't you?

That's the way my mind works and I can never rearrange it any other way.

So I am very glad that my computer knows more than I do, and set it's own clock to the proper daylight savings time change. When I awoke I was two hours away from reality.

Plus, I had to run around and try to get all my clocks changed within the same minute so they would be synchronized. Otherwise I keep racing to the computer to double check to see if it's still the same minute. I don't want a house full of clocks that are minutes apart from each other. It's no wonder I gave up wearing watches. The strain of setting the time on all of those would surely cause a rift in the time-warp continuum. Yanking time around like that could cause the earth to suddenly stop on it's axis and head back the way it came. I'm just warning you, is all. Is all.

I don't know what idiot invented this whole clock-adjustment thing twice a year but here it is only 5 in the morning and my internal body clock thinks it's six. For at least the first week after changing the clocks I have to think, "Now, what time is it REALLY?" so that I can adjust to sleeping and eating. My body will want to eat dinner at 3 in the afternoon and I will want to go to bed at 7 o'clock at night.

It's like a torture device to keep the masses opiated. This is probably when "Great" Leaders plan Wars, or when the Illuminati seize another 3rd world country to exploit it for commodities. Everyone is too busy trying to figure out what the darn time is, and they can't pay attention to the World at Large.

Okay, now. After this rant, it's time for tea.

I think?

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