Friday, November 16, 2007

Toys R We

Here I am, Little Miss Pink Ponsonby in my tomboy phase! Isn't that just the cutest thing EVER? I love the way I'm holding my hands so my fingers are touching. And check out the hand-me-down boy shoes and socks from my older brother. I'm sitting on the side of the tractor tire sandbox that we never got to play with because it was always wet and damp from being in the shade and besides it was the neighborhood-wide public toilet for cats. The pink plush toy must have been something I dragged around with me as a Linus Blanket. I wasn't much on dolls at this stage!

Later on I was all about the world of Creative Design. Does anyone remember Sparkle Paints? I would have done those for hours except I think the box only had about 4 pictures in it and then you were done forever. And I remember so distinctly that the green sparkle tub was totally dried out. I love my red smock and my intense focus on The Arts.

Toys were such a part of our household, and I never realized how much until I started looking through the really old family archives. Here is my baby brother in the midst of a typical day of chaos:

He's sitting on the floor watching TV while licking the pan of fudge with a giant spoon. He's got his toolbox, airplanes, jigsaw puzzle and record albums nearby in case he wants to switch it up during the commercials.

These pics are so fun! But my all time favorite has to be this one:

My brother Paul: Poster Child for the NRA. Pow! Pow! Pow!

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