Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's a Gas!

And now for my Right Royal Pet Peeve Rant of the Week!

What if you went to the store in the morning and you saw a dress you liked and the price tag said $10.00. But when you went back to get the dress after thinking it over, you saw that the price had gone UP by five bucks! When you asked the store clerk why the dress had suddenly gone UP in price, you were told that the price of fabric had risen in the world market by 20 dollars a yard. You would be incredulous! "What does that have to do with this dress that was manufacture last season at last season's prices?" Why would the price of a dress that was already bought and paid for suddenly fluctuate according to the current prices?

Well, that is what they are doing to us for this gasoline situation! The gas in those underground tanks at the gas station has been bought and paid for. Why should the price suddenly soar up on a daily or even hourly basis just because there is a 'crises' in the oil supply? The next time they buy gas, they can raise the price but how disgusting that they are making us believe that the pumps can go up or down according to the market whims of the moment?

Well, it seems they have us over a barrel. Pun intended!

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