Thursday, November 15, 2007

T Veeeeeee

This made me laugh! It's about cats!

I love the show BONES. It's like Joan of Arcadia meets The X Files. I loved both those shows so I love BONES. It's one of those rare tv shows where I ended up loving Each and Every character! Usually, like in the case of Grey's Anatomy, I end up being bored and hating on a few of the sub-plot lines because I het the actors. But with Bones I love them all and am so happy to find out the next chapter in their lives. Like when Booth gave Bones the little Smurf. And not the Smurfette that she had always wanted but the Brains Smurf because she is so much more than a cutesy female.

But the highlight of the night was when Dr. Hodgins says, after digging up a time capsule and finding a gigantic floppy disk and a 'Classic Coke': "That is so 80's it makes me want to push up my jacket sleeves."

That is soooo Miami Vice!

And then there is KITCHEN NIGHTMARES. You know, I really like that Chef Ramsey. I know he is a hard ass but he is so cool! Last night's episode was practically a 'feel good' experience! The family loved each other! They turned their food around! And I wanted me some of them pretty piped mashed potatoes on top of that Irish Stew. Who does that in real life? PIPES out of a pastry bag? Mashed potatoes? Onto the top of an Irish Stew?

AND! That odious Cameron the Bare Chested Soap Opera Star got booted from the competition on D.W.T.Stars! It was such a win-win week in T Vee!

And now an excruciatingly personal self-remark that the men will please leave the room for: After 500 months of doing without, I am having a REAL period. I say, YIPPEE! I still have HORMONES!



Joy said...

Congratulations on your "visitor!"
Do you get to come home this year for Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Why? Were you thinking of knocking me over and taking back your Bear?