Monday, November 12, 2007

Food Follies

It's been a busy weekend. I did lots of cooking, lots of entertaining, lots of cleaning up afterwards and lots of napping!

I made cherry nut bread without the nuts, but it fell in the oven. It reminded me of when I was a kid learning to bake cakes and one time I opened the oven door and gave the cake a good jiggle when it was half-through baking just to see how liquid the center was! Can you believe it? Of course the cake fell like Babel. And I got the brilliant idea to fill the crater with chocolate pudding, and the cake was a success! Good save! And I've been a top-crack little chef every since!

This time I did no shaking...well, maybe just a little...but I was able to save it by cutting it up and arranging it prettily on a plate and none the wiser were my guests!

I also made chocolate/butterscotch chip cookies with just a handful of oatmeal thrown in for texture and nutrition.

And a whole bunch of those cream cheese appetizers. I don't know the name of them but you use Poppin' Fresh Doughboy crescent rolls and instead of making the crescent shape you leave the dough in one piece, kind of roll it out a bit or pinch the seams closed and them spread any kind of filling on it. Roll it up, cut it into pinwheels and bake according to the package instructions. These are cream cheese/black olive/mild green chilies; chicken and cheddar and Mayo/ and Ham and cream cheese.

When Jeff called and found out I was baking cookies, he did his best Cookie Monster impersonation and started chanting, "Cookies! Cookies!" in that rough Oscar voice. I told him they were for my guests and he replied, "Let them Eat Cake!"


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hello thanks for stopping by..Yes headaches are the WORST thing in this world sometimes. I am still thinking there is one ready to attack me at any moment. I have been off of caffeine for years now and I just do not drink it anymore. My doctor told me to get off of it and I did. I am sorry that you are a sufferer too!! How awful. You know how I felt for sure then. I was so miserable!! Hope I never have to go through that again..Sandy

Anonymous said...

If one can believe it, the food tasted even better than it looked....and it looked Lovely.

And the cherry bread was HEAVENLY!!

Queen Q