Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trailer Trash Tudors!

I just finished watching Disc 1 of the Showtime Series "The Tudor's" Starring Jonathon Rhys-Meyers. I was gagging and retching through the entire thing! I actually went and cancelled the rest of the discs in the series because watching them would be a waste of my time.

I know by now not to expect an historically accurate rendering of facts, garments or props, but this production went beyond my lowered expectations! It was the Trailer Trash Tudors!

I could go into a Tudor Tantrum about how much this plot-less mess sucked. But I won't.

It's not worth the energy to lambaste the lingerie-based costumes (or lack of! Everyone seems determined to spend at least 15 minutes of airtime naked from the waist up, especially the women), the total lack of historical accuracy or the shallow portrayals of what were fascinating, multi-faceted and sometimes deeply flawed individuals.

Instead, I'll just do a visual sum-up of this too-modern soulless mess

Here we have "Margaret" Tudor. Actually, her name was Mary, Margaret was her older sister but why let facts like that get in the way? Showtime's "The Tudor's" had Margaret romping around without headgear in off-shoulder Scarlet O'Hara outfits throwing bitch-fits while acting slutty and presumes in order to depict that she was royal? And regal? In the tv show she marries the King of Portugal and then smothers him with a pillow in his bed.

What IS this???

The REAL Mary Tudor was beloved of her brother Henry, and was married to the King of France. Not Portugal. No murder was committed and when he died a natural death she returned home to marry Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk in a private wedding ceremony. She lived happily ever after until she died.
By all accounts she was a sweet, seemly Tudor woman of her day: pious, chaste and good.
Here she is in her wedding portrait with Charles Brandon: I think this says it all.

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This is so good I am sending it to Boy. It will no doubt brighten his day :-)

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