Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Seasons Change And So Do My Linens...You Need Not Wonder Why

Ah! The First of October! Only 17 days until I turn 52! Scary...and Oh So Real.
And I am itching to get rid of the summer decor! I looked at my bedroom this morning and thought...this crisp summer white needs to go hibernate. Time for a warm, rich, winter feel to my slumbers. So I changed THIS:


But not quite in the blink of an eye. Because I stored all my quilts UNDER the mattress this year and of course this one was on the very bottom layer. But I love my bedroom so it was worth it.

And now a word from the Big Baby Bibliodatum:

Last week Miss Kitty and I went to buy yet another baby gift. This time, it was for a BIG baby. Not your ordinary wee little one, but a Big Whopping Giant Baby. Although Kitty had not yet seen or met this Behemoth, she assured me that it was TWICE the size of the last little baby we bought for, and at the same age.

So instead of shopping in the Newborn-3 months category I upped us to the 3-6 months category, shuddering to think what giving birth to a six month old sized baby must have done to the mother.

After a slight brangle over the fact that Miss Kitty does not like footed sleepers because it makes it too hard for the baby to walk on hardwood floors--because you know how newborns like to creep around in the night like Chuckie--we finally decided upon a very cute little velour onesie.

Lo and Behold! Yesterday when I went to pick up Miss Kitty, she informed me proudly that the outfit we chose was MUCH too small for the Big Baby.

Which just goes to show that sometimes in life the baby really is BIG.

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Joy ☺ said...

That is hilarious!!! These stories are my favorite. Miss Kitty should write for the National Enquirer. All about the adventures of BIG babies.