Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I was speaking with a friend who recently opened a dog boarding kennel. He is also a stockbroker and has one of those analytical/mathematical minds. I always go to him for financial advice and to discuss trends. (i.e: I complain about how broke I am and he complains about the Bush Administration)

I asked him how the kennel is doing during these trying times and he said, "Well, I averaged 6.8 dogs a day last month but I need 8 dogs a day to break even."

"How do you board an eighth of a dog?" I asked, "Did someone just leave you the head?"

As if explaining to an idiot or an eighth of a child he launched into a simplistic analysis of estimates and averages. But I was having none of it! I told him, "I think you should change the name to Heads or Tails But Not Both Boarding Kennel for Partial Dogs."

There was a brief pause and then my clever friend said, "Keep it up and you'll be getting an eighth of a birthday present!"

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Joy ☺ said...

You are so clever. You would never say so, but your friends all say it.