Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sometimes a Great Notion

In my mind it looked so good! A carved rubber stamp of a butternut squash, with the word squash stamped next to it. Simple. Rustic. Really store-bought looking! Alas, it didn't work quite that way. The cards just look too plain and I had to scrap them. Maybe I can reuse the squashed parts some place else down the line. I loved the carving of the squash itself, though! That turned out cute.

I said before I love all things Autumn and I really love Halloween. I know, I know, not a CHRISTIAN holiday, but do all our holidays have to be Christ-centric? Why can't we dress up like scary things (costumes of Dubya Bush, for instance) and go out in the night and beg candy from total strangers? I love it! What a concept!

I reject the entire idea that Halloween is satanic. Frankly, it has more to do with dead people than the devil. Being Dead is not satanic! It's "All Hallow's Eve," the night that all the dead people get to have a little break from the grave to get up and stretch their limbs a bit.

Back in the day, people thought that the dead just hung out in their graves, presumably knitting cobwebs into sweaters and mittens, until the final Judgement Day when the Bugle sounds. They saw nothing wrong with letting dead folks get up one night a year and roam around moaning and wailing.

Lets remember that our beloved Christmas Tree has some pretty murky roots! It's a pagan symbol whose original 'burning human sacrifice' origins have long ago morphed into a lovely symbol of life and light on Christmas Day; a place for us to gather and sing carols, unwrap presents and sip hot toddies and eggnog.

So I say humbug to those who shun Halloween and act like their little snooty noses will fall off if asked to put out a bowl of candy or carve a pumpkin. Halloween has morphed as well! It's about decorating, playing dress ups and eating.

Which are the themes of my life, after all.

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of cobweb sweaters, but wouldn't they be sticky? Maybe not for skeletons, though.
Queen Q