Monday, October 20, 2008

Scary Ghostie-Boo!

Well, here it is, almost time for my favorite fall holiday. I like Halloween so much more than Thanksgiving. After all, Thanksgiving is just about Turkey. Halloween is about CANDY CORN. Especially that newest flavor by Brach's. It's called Caramel Candy Corn and it tastes like autumn at the county fair.

Halloween is also about really old, weird Halloween Ephemera. Like this one:

Those kids look like they've just been drained of all blood. Or maybe it's their energy that is drained, fueling the glowing effulgence of that pumpkin head. So their Mom gets to go trick-or-treating in a costume but they have to wear everyday clothing?

Or this one:

On Halloween Strange Sights are Seen. Yeah, no kidding! What's with her head hanging on a clothesline? And is she getting ready to set fire to that rope running through her eyeballs? I'd like to own that kimono, though.

And this one is a favorite. Isn't it Merry? BACK AWAY FROM THE PUMPKIN's MOUTH, Little Tommy!

And can anyone explain this? Are they alien space gourds with pea pod arms and legs? And why is that woman apparently hanging out in the vacuum of space without an oxygen apparatus?

Well, my birthday went well! I had a lot of phone calls, lovely cards, and a sushi lunch with my stockbroker friend who filled me in on the gruesome trends-to-come once we hit rock bottom with this financial crisis.

After lunch, as I was getting out of the car, he said, "Happy 52nd Birthday! And you said you'd never live past 40!"

To which I replied, "And I Didn't!"

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Anonymous said...

you didn't live past 40

that's hilarious!!!!!!!