Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Drive-by Gifting

So here I am blithely typing away and playing on my computer at 5 in the morning when I happened to notice that my computer said it was 5 am but my clock on the wall said 6 am. Uh-Oh! Daylight Losing Time Again!

And then I panicked! When had this happened? It's November 2nd! Doesn't the time change back in the middle of October somewhere around Columbus Day? Oh NO! Que'lle Horror ! What if I've been running an hour ahead of myself for nearly 2 weeks now and nobody told me? After all, it's not like any of my ladies know what time it is! Heck, they don't even know what YEAR it is!!!!

Thankfully, a quick research on the net informed me that the time change was late this year and indeed, it just happened in the wee hours of this morning. Whew!

I went to visit my ppp yesterday (prisoner pen pal) before he get transferred down to Timbuktu. The California Dept. of Corrections likes to spend a lot of time and money moving guys around from place to place for no reason whatsoever, and it was my friend's time to get shipped out. Because this was a window visit, I didn't want to get any food from the vending machines because that would just be cruel. So I had to sit there smelling popcorn and microwave pizza's and all that other fun stuff and I was just starving! So on the way home I stopped at Trader Joe's and took full advantage of the gift card I got for my birthday. (Thanks, Q's!)
Of course I didn't get any actual FOOD, you know, because I was HUNGRY. Instead, I got crackers and pub cheese and a big container of coconut almond patties.

Trader Joe's was having an anniversary and there were all you could eat hot dogs and ice cream and lemonade, so I didn't really need to buy meal-food, now did I?

Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah. When I got home, I had two main tasks to accomplish while stuffing my face with pub cheese and crackers and chocolate coconut almond patties:
I had to change to a seasonal purse. That's right, ladies, you know of whence I speak.

It was raining yesterday and my open-face avocado purse was getting soaked inside and out, so it was time for the black zippered one I use for winters. Which is smaller. Than my fall purse. Which means dumping the entire contents out onto the ottoman and rifling through it and trying to pare down what is not essential. Like, do I really need 3 lipsticks AND a chap stick AND some Carmex for my lips?

And that was when I discovered...I don't really need to carry around feminine protection anymore. And I'm not talking about MACE, either. Wow! Talk about an end of an era! I've been carrying around pads or tampons for 40 years of my life now. It is, indeed, the reason that I and every other female in Christendom start carrying a purse to begin with. I don't know whether to feel overjoyed or just naked.
It did not, however, seem to decrease the weight or the bulk of what was stuffed into the winter purse.

The NEXT thing on my list was to tackle the television cable cord disarray. For a long time now I have decided that the TV had to come out of it's cabinet and be placed on TOP of the cabinet. For one thing so that I could actually watch it from somewhere other than right in front of it, and because my reason for having it inside a cabinet originally was because I like my living room to be about guests and gatherings and not necessarily dominated by the Alter of Television Worship. But since the computer is now the Alter of Dominant Attention in my home, it seemed silly to make the TV be so sequestered and hidden away.

And besides, I really needed that armoire for my quilts. So here it is:

It's okay. I'd much rather have a formal living room and a TV room but I don't mind having the TV be out in plain sight. Although...I have to say it has been about 20 years since I've had a television just HANG OUT in a room with me!

And now my quilts have a home and look happy and tidy at last.

I really, really need a new TV. I don't mean just for cosmetic purposes, either. Mine has gotten these weird orange and green spots on the screen. So that when you are watching programs, people's faces will turn up orange or green. It's very distracting. I think this means the TV tube is ready to blow? I would love one of those flat-panel screens. Just a small one, you know, not some huge football stadium sized thing. Maybe for my NEXT birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, I was talking to another one of my ppp's (Matthew 25:36) who has the annoying habit of being a Jehovah's Witless. His birthday is coming up and of course he blew off acknowledging MY birthday. Which isn't fair, is it? Because even though I don't observe that quirk of not believing in birthday presents or Christmas presents, I have to SUFFER for it because of someone else's beliefs. To me, this means that I don't have to ignore HIS birthday because it is not my belief to ignore birthdays. But of course he finds THAT offensive. It's like double jeopardy.

I finally told him that I would still be getting him a birthday present but I wouldn't be calling it that. I'd just be saying it was 'an anonymous unspecified gift attempt'. Ha-ha! Like a drive-by Gifting!

(ps: I did not type this as one, run-on paragraph. Blogger has decided that breaks or paragraph spacing isn't necessary, I guess. It won't let me fix it no matter what I try)

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