Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Switch to Little

Well, I gave myself a very good birthday present today, although many of you will wonder 'Waaaaz UP?" I called the office and asked to be relieved of the duty of Driving Miss Kitty. You know I just talk about all the fun and funny things but there is plenty of negativity and personal attacks and verbal abuse coming from this stubborn, spoiled, invested-in-being-enabled woman.

I don't feel like a ton of bricks has been lifted off me YET, but I will after Tuesday Next because that is when I do the orientation for the next caregiver. God Rest her Soul.

So in parting, Miss Kitty, without knowing it, said something quite funny that was quite the change from her usually BIG, BIG fixation on all things BIG.

She said, "That lady Debbie has a little bit, just a little bit of dementia."
"Do you really think she does?" I asked.
"Yes" Miss Kitty replied, "She drives a little, LITTLE car."
I would have said it was because she pulls into the neighbor's driveway to put on her sunglasses before backing out and driving off to her destination, but then I'm just a little, LITTLE bit relieved not to have to carry on such conversations anymore!!!


Anonymous said...

Good job!
Hopefully you will get a cool new client.
Big or little......

Queen Q

Joy ☺ said...

I'm ready for thew newest adventure.
Minus the bug lights.