Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Toilet Tissue Tale

A few years ago, the pipes under my bathroom sink sprung a leak and ruined everything I had stored under the cabinet. Specifically, it had ruined one of those 24 packs of toilet paper, soaked to the bone and able to absorb 47 times it's weight in excess water.

Since I am short on storage it was a real struggle to find somewhere to put the toilet paper after that. I mean, the bathroom is the size of a teacup, barely room to turn around in there, no room for shelving or linen cupboards. I was not about to store anything else soluble under the sink, though, as that was just too wasteful! It's not like you can hang out the toilet paper to dry, ya know?

So, I've been using this little tiny cabinet in the living room that kind of butts into the corner. It's not even a foot wide, though, so not much will actually fit in there. Mostly it houses spare water bottles and some of my games and photo boxes. I opted to keep the spare toilet paper on the bottom shelf. Not optimal because if you run out of tissue you have to traipse through the living room to get some more.

Um. Did anybody read that part where I said I keep spare water bottles in this cabinet? Yeah. Hurricane Water like they tell you to keep on hand for emergencies. On the shelf above the toilet paper.

Do I have to spell it out for you? One of the bottles sprung a slow leak. It was no doubt radioactively decomposing in that dark cupboard, slowly particalizing on the molecular level so that just the barest amount of seepage could escape from the seam of the plastic. But of course I wouldn't have noticed it because the 24 pack of toilet tissue on the shelf below it very obligingly absorbed almost the entire gallon of water!

Shopping List:
Hurricane Water (bottom shelf storage ONLY)
24 Pack Scott Tissue ( TOP SHELF ONLY)

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