Tuesday, May 09, 2006

So darn cute!

I guess you have to be one of those cat lovers or maybe it's a function of being a Spinster Auntie with no one else to love, but I can sit and watch my cat for ages. He just delights me with his many facial expressions. His moods, not so much. I have the moodiest cat for a male. Ask any of my friends with shredded hands who were petting merrily away while he purred when suddenly! Sliced Human!

Mackie has never been afraid of mechanical devices. He ruined my old IBM Selectric typewriter by shoving his paws into the opening and forcing the ball to stop moving and rotating across the platen. He also trashed my old printer by burying his paws deep inside to stop the paper from coming out. My new printer (I say 'new' but I mean 5 years old) still attracts him like flies to butter. I do believe if there was a bird flapping around my apartment and he heard the printer start, he would abandon the bird and come attack the printer.

I even have to time my printer jobs for when I think he is fast asleep or better yet, outdoors.
Here he is just now, sitting on the printer, waiting patiently for me to print something else so he can jam it up some more.


Anonymous said...

oh, he's such a doll. I'd huggle him if he'd let me.

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

He would let you! but only for a MOMENT!