Sunday, May 28, 2006

Throb and Thrive

Today, I heard an enthusiastic and intensely sincere tv announcer say, "Today it is a throbbing community!" and he went on to talk about a lively place we should all visit someday. I do believe he got throb and thrive mixed up. It would be easy to think of a community as thriving, but very, very odd indeed to think of one as throbbing. How does a community throb? In sync or each to his/her own unique pattern of throbbery?

Or perhaps he meant it was a Throbbing community, as in a community made up of Throbbers, that quirky tympanic-based religious sect akin to the Quakers and the Quivering Brethren.

I don't know. After announcing that it is Today a Throbbing Community, he never again made reference to any kind of painful pounding or pulsing. I don't know if I should find a course at the local Adult Ed Center on "Travels to the Land of Throbbers and What You Can Expect" or perhaps see if the Y has classes in Throbbing 101 sandwiched in between Power Yoga and Learn Swahili Now, or just ignore the whole thing and wish it would go away.

Perhaps all I can do is privately practice throbbing so as to avoid finding myself lost in some foreign place and on the brink of total social solecism scandal because I was too lazy to learn the skill.

What I really think is that we should all stand in place and throb a few minutes each day, just to be prepared. Go ahead, Start Now!

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