Saturday, May 13, 2006


Okay, you all know by now that I am nothing if not a curmudgeon. I like to grouse about things if I can because it gets it out of my nervous system.

Well, I want to wedge a complaint about the endless array of marathons and 5K and 10K races that clog up our city streets all summer long.

The person who invented the traffic circle was rumoured to have been KILLED in a traffic circle, and I cherish the hope that the person who decided it was groovy cool to RACE FOR A CURE will be pounded into a gelatinous goo beneath the rhythmical feet of 7000 joggers.

Because whoever it was should DIE! What is the connection between running and charity? It drives me NUTS! Why couldn't someone invent a READ-A-THON or a SLEEP-A-THON and then everyone can just stay HOME and there won't be any more human traffic jams.

Well! Today is the annual Susan G. Komen Race for Breast Cancer and although I am sure it is a wonderful cause, I think they need to come up with a NEW CONCEPT for raising money and STAY OFF MY STREET!!! Every year it is the same thing. I am holed up at home for the entire day, cannot get out, cannot get to the store, cannot cross the street, cannot proceed on with life, because thousands of sweating heaving bodies are making their stunned and half-dead way to the finish line near the Capitol. This is an all day process and so I am just besieged, marooned, entrapped. I hate it!

Here is the view out my window on a normal day:
(artists mock-up)

Here is the view today:
(artists mock-up)

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