Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

In an act of unbefore unknownst unselfishness, I got my Mom this cup and saucer floral arrangement for Mother's Day. She collects cups and saucers. I just thought she would love it and I was right. She called me to rave about it and said, "Thank God! For once something that doesn't look like a funeral pall!"

See, my Mom has a similar sense of humor to mine.

I would really rather have begotten her this teapot instead:

But that would have been selfish and she would have spotted it right away that really what I was doing was buying MYSELF a teapot under the guise of making it look like I was getting her some pretty rosebuds for Mother's Day. So I opted for the teacup arrangement instead and just sort of MENTIONED that it was part of a set if she was interested, you know, in having a SET.

Since Time Immemorial this is how children manipulate their parents! What can I say? Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

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