Friday, May 25, 2012

Apo-Calypso Chapter 7

Today's entry marks the LAST one I will be posting for awhile. I hope you've enjoyed reading this post apocalyptic novel as much as I've enjoyed writing it and posting it for you. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 7

They had scattered like kids at camp to pick the best bunks. Dell got the master bedroom. Paul and Sorrel Bay chose two adjacent rooms each with their own little deck. Sorrel Bay brought Polo Pig into her room and put him on the deck with water and a large bowl of chicken feed. They had a discussion about paper training that pig as soon as possible and in the meantime Sorrel would be responsible for any accidents on the carpet.

Panda opted to sleep on the hanging hammock bed on the deck off the living room.  Just the idea of sleeping out under the stars so high in the sky was like magic to her. This was never anything that she imagined as being possible in the old world. She didn’t run with the rich crowd! No one she knew lived like this.

They had dinner of fresh salad and feta with Greek olive omelets. The fridge was packed with fresh eggs and Panda planned on soufflés, crepes, hollandaise sauces…They ate on the main living room deck to watch the south city burning. 

Here and there, as the fire progressed, they watched other parts of the city have rolling brownouts and eventually as the night progressed, one by one the lights began to go out forever on the south side of town.



Anonymous said...

will be waiting for more. (with bated breath) someday. in the fullness of time.

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Hello. And Bye.

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