Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Apo-Calypso Chapter 6 Part 2

Chapter 6 Part 2

Paul and Sorrel Bay drove to IKEA and searched for Annie.  When it became apparent that she had not survived—that no one had survived but just the two of them—they went home and stayed indoors and did their best to cope with the shock.

It was Sorrel who suggested after a couple of days that they go back to IKEA and find what was left of her Mom. To gather her ashes and her things and hold some kind of memorial for her. This is what they had been doing the morning  Panda and Dell had arrived.  Sorrel had found a nice decorative jar with a screw lid in the ‘small storage’ department and together she and her Daddy had scooped up the ashes and placed them inside. The keys and purse, shoes, rings and earrings, Paul put in a wicker basket to take along home.  He used a thick permanent marker to write on the concrete:
Annie Anderson.
Beloved Wife and Mother

He had almost added: X marks the Spot but knew it would have irritated Annie.  

They stood in silent vigil once they were done, and then decided to start cleaning up the food court because that is something that Annie would definitely have approved.  Paul worked in the serving area dumping the dried, coagulated, nasty food from the steam table, using the industrial dishwasher and sorting good food from bad for the incinerator while Sorrel was bussing the dining tables and making the dining room look clean and tidy. They were just finishing up when she had spotted the girls’ truck rolling into the IKEA parking lot. 


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