Monday, May 21, 2012

Apo-Calypso Chapter 6 Part 6

Chapter 6 Part 6

Paul got down on one knee to be level with S. Petting her hair,  he told her to look only at him and not at the grisly scene. Dell suggested she and Sorrel could go look at the museum until Panda and Paul could clean out one of the elevators for their use.  Sorrel nodded her approval for this plan and grasped Dell’s hand to walk away. Panda and Paul exchanged a look of resigned sadness touched with horror and went to look for some kind of broom and dustpan.

Of course colossal bank buildings don’t just happen to have a broom and dustpan propped up behind the reception desk.  After poking down side hallways and around corners they found a utility closet which was of course locked.  They finally found a good push broom and industrial dust pan in the kitchen of the restaurant. There were also rubber gloves and bar towels to tie around their mouths and noses to keep them from inhaling any of that human ash. Then there was the added problem of where to dispose of the skull and bones and debris. Just dumping it out the front door to bump into later on their way out did not seem wise, so Panda got several bus tubs from the restaurant and carried them, full of bone fragments and personal effects, into the dumpster out behind the restaurant.

They cleaned out 3 of the elevators that had the most fragments and visible bone pieces and decided to call it quits. There was just something about constantly having to sweep up after the dead that was grating on the nerves, and nobody really liked investing time and energy in doing a lot of it.

Retrieving Dell and Sorrel from the museum shop, who came laden with silk scarves, beaded jewelry, several picture books and some little games of the quality only found in upscale museum stores delicious enough to slaver over, they finally loaded onto the swept and purged elevator to the 30th floor. 


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