Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Apo-Calypso Chapter 4 Part 9

Chapter 4 Part 9

Dinner was delicious, even though the salad greens looked a little worse for wear. Over dessert of key lime pie and double chocolate mousse, the girls hashed out their game plan. Dell was all for driving to Galt and opening up the elephant sanctuary. Panda wanted to drive to Woodland and open up the chicken facility. 

Neither felt they should do either of these tasks alone. They opted for the chickens since they would have the more immediate need for food and water, and agreed to swing into all the farms they passed along the way and see what could be done to open gates and barnyards, checking farmhouses for indoor pets as well.  

Sooner rather than later this race to save as many animals as possible would start to yield seriously diminishing returns. It was going to get gruesome. Panda thought they should work hard at it for another 3 days but after that…no more.

First, however, Panda felt they should both go to the gun store and get better weapons. She wanted to teach Dell how to load, shoot and clean her gun. They could both do a little target practice while they were there.

“You know, Panda, I think you’ve just blown the Careful Citizen of the Year award.”

Panda-- kicked back with her feet on the chair next to her-- sat up a bit and said, “Why!?”

Dell grabbed the neck of the scotch bottle and pointed it at her. “Not only are you proposing we drink and drive, you are suggesting we drink and play with guns!” 

Panda looked a little mortified and then broke into a grin. “Then perhaps we should call it a day. Hand over that Scotch”

The best thing about being alone in the world is that it’s safe enough to fall down drunk anywhere.


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Anonymous said...

Up late tonite Karolos, this is auntie bevo. Good reading, but the girls show no concern for WHO put the bullets in the chimps. I mean if there were just us two left, you know we would be ATE UP with knowing WHO else was alive..........