Saturday, January 06, 2007


Yesterday, while out running errands, I managed to get stuck in midtown traffic on Capitol Avenue where they are doing a lot of construction. I was just patiently waiting behind a string of cars for the light to change, because I was just a few blocks from home and not in any hurry anyway.

Suddenly, up on my right, came a speeding little car, boring it's way through the BIKE LANE and trying to force passage so he could get to the intersection and make a right hand turn. I must have been further to the right than the rest of the cars because he honked at me and GLARED at me when he pulled up along side. I just glared at him back and then I grinned. I thought he looked completely silly.

But my grin turned to giddy glee when he pulled ahead of me and I saw that his bumper sticker said: SHARE THE ROAD.

That calls for a cup of tea!

And I finally recieved a replacement saucer for my Petit Point cup that I broke so long ago! One of my clients had a stack of them because she had broken the cups, instead. So she gave me one as my Christmas Present.

Happy New Year!


Janet said...

Oh, that is too funny! Maybe he should have stopped to read his own bumper sticker! I think driving brings out the worst in some people.

The teacup now has it's matching saucer. How nice to have received it as a gift. That makes it even more special. You have the prettiest items to show. I'm sure your home is just chock full of beautiful things.

PEA said...

Sometimes it makes you wonder if some people got their driver's license from a Cracker Jack popcorn box! Honestly! How funny, though, that he should have that bumper sticker on his car! hehe

Oh, how wonderful that you got the replacement saucer for your teacup!! Beautiful!!

Much love xoxo

Puss-in-Boots said...

There are some idiots on the road, aren't there? But that guy sounds like he needs to practice what he preaches. I love to laugh at people like that, it drives them insane with fury!

Glad to see you back!