Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More about Plastic Bins

After yesterday's mayhem and foolishness with Plastic Bins I had to recline and sniff sal volatile and sip tea with a nip of brandy in it, Gentle Readers! I was done-in, as they say! Because wouldn't you know it, not only did NONE Of the plastic bins fit the objects for which they were purchased, I almost had an attack of the "GIT-MORES". You know what I mean! It's that little ailment that quickly escalates into the dreaded "HOARDING DISEASE".

In this case the 'Git-Mores' was brought on by a sudden urge to race back to Walmart and buy LOTS more plastic storage bins of all shapes and sizes, regardless of cost or need and with complete indifference as to necessity!

But I used restraint. I tied myself to the newel post and diverted myself with snacks until the attack passed.

My organization needs have not been met, but now I must focus on selling some of the items of which I wish to rid myself, and better utilizing the things that won't sell.

This lovely old pie safe, for instance. I've been trying to sell it for a couple weeks now, and no one wants it. Well, actually, somebody offered me 100 dollars for it but I think that's just silly. It's an antique Pie Safe, people! In it's exact condition in a swanky antique mall it would have a $700 dollar price tag on it. I was asking $250 or best offer. Anyway, I decided to turn This:

into This:

And now I must get rid of This:

I can't believe all my quilts fit into that pie safe! Hopefully my efforts at downsizing will pay off and I will have a clean, crisp, airy feeling. Uncluttered and unfettered, and unspoiled by Plastic Storage Bins!


Janet said...

You have got some quilts!! That is a lovely old pie safe. I'm glad you didn't sell it for $100. It's too pretty to sell....keep it and enjoy it.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hey, what a good idea - there you go, necessity is the mother of invention, and you have just proved it!

LauraJ said...

Look at all those quilts!! I'm so jealous!