Saturday, January 13, 2007

Baaaad Bundt! Baaaaad!

I recieved those floppy silicone baking pans for Christmas and have had much fun playing with them every since. However. They don't always work like magic, the way they say they will...

For one thing, they make things VERY dark, almost burned, and the center will sometimes come out slightly raw. I haven't learned how to adjust the oven for these new pans, yet. And the other thing is...they don't exactly pop out like greased lightening, either. Stuff STICKS in these pans, even though they say they don't. But I shall keep going. I shall persevere. I know everyone thinks I am a perfect chef (ha ha NOT!) so this will encourage those who also have failures.

Oh, and here is the picture that goes with the Breakfast of Champions post. Blogger simply will not let me load a picture for that day!

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Janet said...

I've heard that those flexible baking pans stick and don't work too good. I see you're experiencing that very problem!

Blogger has been a real beast this past week. I hope it gets better. I keep hoping!