Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I've Succombed to the Lure of Plastic!

Yes, I've done it. I've succombed to the Lure of Plastic Storage Bins. For years, I have loudly proclaimed my Utter Loathing for having a house filled with Plastic Thingees. I like glass, wood, cardboard, wire baskets, vintage tins. None of that utilitarian nonsense for me! It must be decorative as well as functional, and preferably downright pretty to look at.

A while ago I had the brilliant idea to put my cookie cutters in a cookie jar. I thought it was a darling idea! They currently reside in a jumble in the bottom drawer of my kitchen cabinets with all the canning jars, rolling pins, parafin wax, etc; But, Lo! and Behold! I never did find a cookie jar that was the right size and had a big enough mouth. Some of my cookie cutters are quite large. No matter how often I looked, nothing ever worked, nothing was ever the right thing.

This morning when I was digging around for a tea cozy it just hit me that what I chiefly needed was one of those rectangle shoe-box keeper boxes in clear plastic. It would fit perfectly at the back of the drawer and solve my cookie cutter storage dilemna! Because frankly, I really don't have the counter space to accomodate a cute cookie jar full of cookie cutters.

An hour later, I came home from Walmart with these:

I don't know what got into me! Did the plastic secrete addictive fumes? Was I subliminally programmed to purchase Rubbermaid Items as a child when holding my first rubber spatula and stirring up a batch of chocolate chip cookies?

I don't know, gentle readers. I only know that now I must put all my videotapes in the big one for underbed storage, my cassette tapes in the beige one, the cookie cutters in the smaller rectangle one and...the one with the pink lid? Don't tell me you actually expected me to RESIST buying THAT one? No way! It's PINK! I HAD TO HAVE IT. So what if I have no use for it? It's PINK!

The little candy jar is actually glass and I needed it to put my cherry gummy hearts in for Valentines. After loading my cart with all that plastic, I didn't even blink an eye about the glass candy jar.

Any and all suggestions for what to use the pink lidded Rubbermaid tub will be greatly appreciated!


Miss Pink


LauraJ said...

That's a lot of plastic!! I LOVE buying storage bins!
Here's a funny one for you... two weeks ago I went and bought two nice big storage bins for toys. Then I did reorganization of the boy's room and lo and behold I donated and trashed more than I intended. I then didn't need the bins anymore!

Janet said...

I use plastic bins for everything! I buy smaller ones at the dollar store. They're great in the studio for all kinds of art supplies.
The pink one should hold all your love letters all tied up with a pink ribbon! Or maybe just socks.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I'm not keen on plastic either - apart from Tupperware! However, no doubt there will be a time in my life when I will have to "do the plastic thing."

As for what you could put in the pink lid plastic? How about love letters. No? Ummm, worn out cookie cutters - I give up!