Sunday, January 21, 2007

Candy Dishes

I have a real love for candy dishes. My Gramma had an old 'refrigerator glass' square dish with a lid that was quite clanky, and she had it loaded with candy. We were free to help ourselves when we went to her house, and if we didn't she would remind us: Did you look in the candy dish today? It was such a delightful and magic-y thing to have that dish of candy. Because it was the fluted glass (is that the right word?) you couldn't see exactly what was in there, but you could definitely see that it was loaded.

So when I went Plastic Container shopping at Walmart and saw this little glass candy jar I Had to have it!

And then of course I had to go back and get the other two sizes that it came in so I could have a candy-counter display of my very own.

The trick is to buy candy that you cannot stand to eat, otherwise you can't keep the jars full!


Puss-in-Boots said...

Pretty dishes, but you would sometimes have to have candy that you eat, too, like chocolates or something. Why let others have all the pleasure and none for you?

Janet said...

My grandma always had candy, too. And my great-grandpa kept peppermints in his jacket pocket all the time. We could reach in and get one whenever we wanted. Your candy dishes are lovely....can't believe they're from Wal-mart!

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Bless your Heart, Puss-in-boots,for worrying about me! But relieve yourself of all concern: I am the most selfish person I know and the reason I fill the candy dishes with candy I don't like is because if I did not the candy dishes would remain empty! And my stomach would be FULL. And my weigh scales would collapse!