Sunday, June 18, 2006

Love's Labors Lost

Oh! Why did I get out of bed today? I spent all morning painting this cute little spice rack I found at the thrift store yesterday...I had to go to 3 different places to even FIND a spice rack. I could have had a high-tech chrome and black rubber one that held about 9 bottles on a counter-top turntable kind of thing, but around here, counter top space is at a premium! I NEED my counter top space for things like more clutter. Decorative clutter. Counter tops are not to be used for SERVICABLE APPLIANCES or COOKING ACCESSORIES.

So I just wanted one of those cute little wall mounted spice racks. Currently, my spices are taking up one whole cabinet, and I've decided that now I need that cabinet to hold my teacups.

I found two of them at the thrift store. I decided to buy both of them because I couldn't decide between the two. And this morning I painted both of them and then a little while ago I put the cuter one up on the wall. Because the uglier one didn't FIT IN THE SPACE. And of course I didn't discover that until I had painted the whole thing.

Here is the cute one, and believe me, it's not THAT cute. Those leaves were a pain to paint.

I like these little projects, but they do tend to eat up loads of time. So I am at least glad that I got this thing wall-mounted and spice-bottle ready in about half a day.



Who in the freakin' hell designs a spice rack that won't hold spices?????


Anonymous said...

Well isn't that just the pits! lol
Maybe start buying a different brand/size bottle?

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Oh, if it were only that simple! The only bottles that fit are the little teeny half-sized ones by Schilling. But I already HAVE a giant cabinet full of spices that I use and the whole point of getting a spice shelf was so I could free up more's totally annoying!! I don't want to throw away a ton of spices just to get little ones that fit onto the at this point, the shelf is going, going, GONE!

Anonymous said...

Hey I must say - very well done. really