Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hydroponic, Schmydroponic!

Well! I went to the farmer's market this morning....Happy First Day of Summer, everyone!

In Sacramento, you can go to the certified farmer's market every day of the week. The one I like that is close and convenient is under the freeway on Sunday Mornings. That is a large, full market with lots of diversity in people and products.

My REAL favorite, though, is the one on Wednesday's in Famous Mexican Park right across from the main library downtown. They have the food vendors as well as market stands, so you can get teriyaki chicken, kettle corn and other yummy-smelling foods wafting on the summer air.

Today, I wanted to get out and stop being so housebound and glum, with the main wish of getting some zinnnias, tomatoes and cherries!

I did good, didn't I? (Actually, that bowl of fruit was a lot FULLER, earlier on.)

It's still a little too early for tomatoes, however. They had some colossal ones at one produce stand but those things are always suspect. Just how much fertilizer does it take to make a tomato the size of my head? I asked the guy about them and he admitted they were hydroponics. I told him they looked lovely, but I could get those in a store! (at frankly half the price!)
Just now, at the beginning of summer, I always wish I lived in a little cottage with a white picket fence and a field of cutting flowers in my own garden next to the free range chickens and the tomatoes and lilacs. But then I remember the heat, the bugs, and the dusty toil of gardening and I am just as content to get my things in a shady park on a Wednesday morn and never even get my hands dirty!

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and of course, it all perfectly matches the red chair and the green mailbox... such composition...