Saturday, June 03, 2006

Indiana Wants Me

Well, here it is, the last possible day that I will have in which anything even remotely blogworthy could occur. After today, I will be spending most of Sunday attempting to get my luggage closed. I have actually been able to remove ONE tee-shirt and the third pair of pajamas, but am losing the battle of replacing those items with even thicker and more useless stuff like my pink gym shoes (like I'll actually be doing any exercise in Indiana! HA!) and a thick fluffy sweater (like the humidity will not be at 98% with 98 degrees Fahrenheit in Indiana! HA!).

I just don't like to not have the ONE THING I NEED THE MOST with me while I am gone. I've done things like: copied and printed my entire email address book so I can email from my brother's attic computer if I can figure out the secret combination to get into the room and can prod the electrodes and diodes awake that power up his pre-Windows home-made computer thingee.

I've packed my own oatmeal. They don't sell thick cut oats back there. I've also got my own teapot and travel teas. They all drink coffee and coffee consumption is a no-no for me. I'm taking at least 5 movies and lots of CD's and 3 boxes of See's Chocolates as gifts for friends and family. I comfort myself that removing these items will make my suitcase have oodles of room for the return trip, so I can stuff it with yet more stuff I acquire while home.

In any event, you'd think I was going to Outer Mongolia for a 6 month all-seasons Trekk rather than a mere 7 days in Northern Indiana. After all, they do have a Wal-mart! And if my feet hurt while I'm stomping around the Shipshewana Flea Market I can just buy a pair of Inflatable Amish Footwear, right?

In the meantime, it has come to my attention that although my counter tells me I have about 50 views to my blog a day, I am still not ever getting any comments. I feel bad about this. Am I so boring? Not controversial enough? Do folks feel shy? I'm always reading blog comments on other blogs and they seem mostly to be made up of die-hard regulars who just like to check in sometimes. I think this is the problem. I have no fan base. Or if I do, they are a silent minority.

So, let me just say it out loud on paper: I REALLY love comments. It makes me feel heard. I'm begging you! All my best blogging efforts seem empty if I don't get to hear some kudos once in a while. PLEASE, gentle readers, post comments!

In the meantime, I'm off to the land of horse and buggies, mullet hair cuts, redneck accents, and not a crisp fresh raddichio in sight.


Anonymous said...

My daughters had mullets when they were young. I honestly didn't remember the haircuts looking like mullets. They showed me the photo evidence though. Oops.
Hope you have a delightful time on vacation. Last but not least I am a regular reader. You could call me a fan. *wink*
Erin from Iowa

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Thank you!Hi Erin! I know that we didn't call them 'mullets' in those days! They were just the cool haircut, but they are so ugly, now! And yet! People still keep getting that haircut!