Friday, February 17, 2006

Writer's Block

You know, I'm beginning to think that my writing abilities are not going to improve. What a scary thought! I wanted to start this blog and feel the flow and have fun doing it. Believe it or not, all evidence to the contrary, I used to be a rather smashing writer, before my stroke. Writing, for me, was like step onto the path and the journey takes you to amazing places; odd, unlooked for byways, smooth and rolling, with all my mind engaged and excited at each new vista, words and stories and concepts pouring in from the landscape and out through the pen.

Now, there is no vocabulary. Now, my brain is a cauliflower. It may LOOK like a brain, but it is essentially functionless. Not even spongey like a proper brain, just white and ossified and crunchy. All travel has ceased, the vista is flat, stagnant and non-lilting. It's a hidious place in which to be stuck.

So, assuming I cannot fool the masses, I make a Full Confession! I fill up this Blog with PHOTOS because otherwise it would have no content at all. None whatsoever.

This is what you do when given a charming, adorable teapot that has lost it's lid. Like me. Fill it with flowers and make a vase out of it. Exchange function for something decorative, and beautiful.

And some creatures just get to sleep all day long.

Mackie started to stretch and then fell back asleep in that position. Obviously all this napping is just wearing him out!


Rebel in a Necktie said...

Stuff 'n Nonsense - at least you aren't writing about how stars would look different if you lay on your side! Teehee!

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Oh, Rebel, but I LONG to! I LONG to use so many fluffy words that my narrative dissapears in a suffocating bale of cotton. I LONG to wax efflusively (oops, I mean Effusively), IN LATIN if necessary, so that the whole world will KNOW how superior I am in sense and sensibility.