Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Seasons change, so does the decor

Before I had my stroke, I used to change my table centerpiece with every month or with every holiday. I liked the variety. I loved the visual of showcasing a few of my favorite teapots in that way. Just yesterday, I suddenly remembered I used to do that! How odd! I totally forgot, for an entire year, something that I would have said was vital and inherent to my being. I was in the mood for indigo and decided it's much too early for all the St. Patrick's stuff so I did this:

Blue on blue, heartache on heartache. Other than running to the store for water, that was the only thing I did all dirabongdiddleydamn day long. And don't I just look all happy about that?

Since changing the decor used all my creative juices, I'm a little short on verbal content. It will have to be pics for today. Here is Mack, sitting on my lap, and looking at me with those blue eyes like I am possibly the most beloved of his possessions, after the new donut, the catnip muslin beanbag, the mini-faux-mice, his hairbrush and my drinking straws.

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Anonymous said...

aww shucks, to everything!