Sunday, February 26, 2006

Night Mackie

I just spoke with my cousin Deet on the phone for almost an hour. She just returned from a long road trip across the south and into Texas and back again. She had me in stitches with the way she was describing things to me.

For instance she was telling me about an elderly gentleman she knows, who is 86, "But you wouldn't know he was a day over 75." She says these things with perfect sincerity and never misses a beat. I just fall out laughing it strikes me as so funny.

On her trip they went past so many signs for this place that they just HAD to stop. "Mile High Shoo Fly Pie, the signs said, over and over! We just kept seeing these signs so we knew we had to go there. Oh, maybe it was Foot High Merangue Pie, maybe. Well, anyway when we got there the piece we had was only about 8 inches tall."

They also went to Home of the Thrown Roll, which apparently is a restaurant where they throw your food at you and you have to catch it. Ah, America!

Here's the Obligatory Cat Shot. It looks just like he is having a cup of tea and a muse.

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