Thursday, February 23, 2006


Well, I woke up two mornings ago all primed for a neat entry, and had no internet! Since I have cable, and my TV was still having cable channels, I couldn't figure it out. They had to come on a service call, but of course the first slot was for 5 TODAY, that's 36 hours without the internet. Can you say Detox? Delirious Tremons?

And now my work schedule has also gone Kablooie, and I've got some grueling 11 hour shifts coming up. Will I be able to blog? I was just getting into the groove.

I will say this. All this hoopla about not having a qualified medical person who is willing to administer a lethal dose of sodium pentathol for that rapist/murderer on death row at San Quentin? Where's Doctor Kevorkian when we need him? HE'd do the job!

My opinion is this: If the Federal Goverment intervenes in the execution of a death row inmate, then the families of the victims of that criminal should be given TAX EXEMPT status for the rest of that criminal's natural life behind bars. Because I can't think of a more OFFAL (pun intended) thing to do to the families of a murder victim than to ask them to cheerfully pay to house, clothe, feed, medicate, entertain, educate and supply a decent burial to the person who took the life of their loved one. Or, let THEM administer the lethal injection. A bullet to the side of the head is not cruel and unusual, not in the least.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray!! You're back in the net-world :-) And only 36 seemed longer.

Can you say "agree"? I can, and I do.

Queen Q