Friday, January 09, 2009

Now you See you Don't

I've been wanting a new computer desk for years, now. I finally broke down and got a cheapy one before the IRS absorbs all my money.
It came in a box. It took 6 hours to assemble. None of the parts were labeled properly. I cursed, screamed, and drank heavily throughout the ordeal.
I couldn't quite bring myself to take detailed photos of each step because it was an agony I did not wish to prolong. But here it is mostly assembled...
But Wait...

What's this? The cheap particle board is showing on this one edge! The manufacturer, in an effort to save a half a penny, decided to leave one edge on this desk component bare. And it's glued in place, with dowels and pins, and there were many, many layers added that were also glued after this particular 'board' was put into place. So there is no undoing it, not by any man nor beast.

But Wait! That's what Magic Markers are for!

And here it is, in place, and it doesn't look any different than the old table except it is at least a foot more shallow and that's what I wanted. And you can't see that the front is colored in with marker at all, can you?
And just one more step:
I hung a curtain on the back of the desk, to hide the unsightly mess of wires and cords.
I'm going to change the fabric out as soon as I see just the right thing. And eventually, a new, less imposing desk chair.
And that concludes my long, long day!


beyondpanic said...

The curtain to hide the wires? Ingenious!

Anonymous said...

You be smart, clever and ingenious.
I think those are all different, and if they aren't they should be!

Queen Q

Beth said...

I love the curtain idea...that's the solution I've been looking for. Thanks, Miss Pink!