Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Bit of Depth

Like most of America, I was riveted to the television yesterday watching the inauguration coverage. The love affair will end, but for now it's just heady stuff.

I love the chemistry between those two and fireworks between the President and his First Lady are a fun change, at least for me.

They are young and they are strong, and I love it. Not since President Gore and Tipper have I been so smitten with our First Family.

Even if it did hit me like a ton of bricks that President Obama is 5 years younger than me!

And I also love the chemistry between Michelle Obama and her clothing. After years of dowdy First Ladies, I am thrilled and excited by the unique fashion sense of our new First Lady.

Not too many people like her style, I've noticed. She makes bold choices and her color palette is completely at odds with what people are used to.

But I'm fascinated!

Because whatever she is wearing, it is certain sure it will have a deep texture to it. She is all about texture, and I think that is what she sees when she looks at a garment in view of buying it.

Where others favor a particular color, or a certain cut, with Mrs. Obama it's all about the rich, deep texture.

Everyone commented on the rather odd cast of this particular shade of yellow, and everyone had some kind of fit about the green gloves and the green shoes. Those were Jimmy Choo's, by the way. I'll say no more, as nothing needs be said.

But I think it escaped attention that her dress was figured with raised daisies. I was so happy! Daisies!

The fact that texture adds inches and bulk on the rest of us, it doesn't seem to effect the First Lady's figure. How does she do that?

So even before we caught a glimpse of the Innaugeration ball gown, I could have told you exactly what it would look like. I knew it was going to be single-shoulder. I knew it was going to have a train and be wispy, (although I was sorry she didn't realize that train was impossible to manage on the stairs and on the dance floor)...

...and I could have told you without a doubt that it was going to look like a shredded chenille bedspread.

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Anonymous said...

It will indeed be fun to track her clothes :-)

Queen Q