Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You Decide

As always, my pictures are viewed best when clicked on and enlarged. (Because, frankly, the batteries in this camera are almost totally dead, which makes the photos bland.) Is this for me? Really?Sniff
Last night at work as I was cutting a muskmelon, my lady and I were talking about eating habits and food. She is a voracious eater, but in little amounts.

I on the other hand am a 'stuff it in and reach for more and as soon as a meal is finished, start looking for something to peck on until the next mealtime' type.

I told her I was afraid I suffered from the Deadly Sin of Gluttony.

She thought about this for a bit and said, "Oh, that's nothing. You could be an alcoholic. You could be a drug peddler."

Well, when you look at it like that... it puts a new spin on it. I should start thinking about it in a new way.

Obese Glutton or Chubby Nibbler? You Decide


Joy ☺ said...

Alcoholic Chubby Nibbler who peddles drugs. That's the one I'd stick with.

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...