Friday, August 22, 2008

The Secret Life of Paper

Okay, I guess if I can bare my soul and confess I'm a glutton I may as well confess something else...

I'm a USER. Yes, I use them. I use them ALL. And when they are done for, I throw away their empty shell and start over on different ones.

Magnetic Notepads.

Can there ever be enough of them? Can I ever have enough of their efficient, pretty, handy, delightful presence in my life and on my fridge?

It's not like it's a REAL addiction. I can stop anytime I want to. It doesn't affect my job performance. My relationships are not suffering because of it...Okay, my bank account is, just a little bit, but I don't binge on buying them. I can buy just a few at a time or even just one and nurse it while I listen to the band.

There is nothing obsessive, compulsive or hoardish about it, either. I have it under control.

But wait, there's more of them:

I know what you are thinking. One of these days I'll hit rock bottom. There will be no more options for me; no space for my little habit, and then I'll have a meltdown. You are thinking maybe you should plan an intervention for me. Like maybe a Tupperware party to confront me with my need and try to get me to diversify a little bit.

You are thinking, "Can't she just stick with refrigerator magnets like the rest of us? Why does she have to be so out there with this excessive indulgence?

But I won't hit rock bottom. I have a contingency plan.

I'm already planning where to put a second refrigerator.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least I now know what to buy you...
Tupperware, right?

Queen Q

Joy ☺ said...

How often do you go through those? Like maybe this little obsession goes a little deeper and really you are addicted to LIST MAKING!

Anonymous said...

i will know you have hit rock bottom the day you try to hot glue a magnet to a post-it! then comes the intervention!

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Alas, I've been doing it for ages. Not hot glue, per say, but I peel off the old magnets when the pad is gone and glue them onto new pads of paper if I find some that are magnetless in Sacramento. //And, Joy? I think you may be right! I make lists and at the top of each one it says, "buy more magnetic list-making notepads."