Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sea Meth

Last night my subconscious, while I was sleeping, revealed to me the reason all those skiers, jet-skiers, motor-boaters and surfers are so amped up all the time. It's because of the Sea Meth.

Yes, it's a naturally occurring methamphetamine found in saltine sea water, which enters the body through the nasal passages every time you fall in and get a snortful.

In my dream, I was handed a pamphlet while at the beach with the words SEA METH emblazoned on the front in shiny red letters, warning of the hazards of inhaling too much salt water while partaking of aquatic diversions at the seashore.

So I had to tell everybody. Some folk might want to rush right down there and dive in, but some might want to sell their snorkels and swim fins on eBay and take up a less drug-laced form of recreation.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by the Dream State of Miss Pink Ponsonby.


Anonymous said...

We're back....and I've missed Miss Pink.
But I'm so glad I didn't miss your public service announcement....whew!!!


Queen Q

Joy ☺ said...

That's a great service announcement. Your dreamworld is nuts. But you should consider marketing it.