Monday, August 18, 2008

Don't It Make My Brown Eggs Blue

How do you designate which eggs in your fridge are boiled and which are raw?

It seems that everybody does this differently. For instance I know people tend to keep them in different compartments. Or the raw ones in the egg holders built into the fridge door and the boiled ones in a bowl or the original egg carton. Or vice versa I don't know which.

Cousin Pearl Baker-Snell-Forbes-Jackson-Rowe-Tackett (she's been married 5 times) peels them all, which to me seems to defeat the entire purpose of boiled eggs which is to make them last forever in your fridge without spoiling.

When I was growing up my best friend Eliza's mother put a big black X on the boiled ones. I still think a black X is repetitious and depressing.

So I always make my boiled eggs blue. Always.

And since I keep all my eggs in one basket, I think that makes perfect sense.


Anonymous said...

Every time I hardboil eggs, I think of you and how beautiful the eggs look when they're colored.
But I guess I'm lazy....I do the repetitious and depressing X...

Queen Q

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

It's sad, really. Because as much time as it takes to find a marker and mark all those X's, your eggs could be cooling in the pan of water you boiled them in, with just a dash of food color and vinegar...come back later and Viola! colored eggs!