Thursday, October 19, 2006

There's got to be a Morning After

Gentle Readers: Take Note!

Too much of this:

Makes you feel like THIS:
(Puking Punkin' carved and photographed by Miss Pea one of my favorite bloggers who makes me laugh every day and who is an AWESOME pumpkin carver! I know all my readers Read Her First! Thank you! )
So my birthday was just bizarre in ways I can't even begin to describe. Oh, heck, why not? But first, I want to thank everyone who came over and Wished me a Happy Birthday in Blogger Land, it really means so much to me! When I think of all the months I sat writing this blog with nobody reading it! Just knowing that I have people who will pop in on occasion to see what is up with me, hoping to share a laugh or to look at my lastest creation or vintage find makes me feel SOO GREAT! I thank you ALL! (Even the occasional spammer who posts a comment wanting me to purchase something fabulous but mysterious over somewhere else. At least he/she/it FOUND me! tee-hee!)

Anyway, I have time for the briefest Birthday Review so here it is: I think this 50th birthday could rightly be called, "The Year of Everybody Else's Animals"

My birthday Lobster Lunch was cancelled because my friend Patrick's old Chocolate Lab took a turn for the worse with his diabetes.

My Own Mother who calls me without fail never called me all day! It's astonishing! My phone rang at 6:45 pm which is 9:45pm her time, and she told me she was already in bed for the night when it dawned on her she may have neglected something! Turns out, she had gotten up on the morning of my birthday to find water all over the kitchen floor and a completely deadened refrigerator. The rest of the day was spent in a frenzy to find somewhere to store the frozen goods, mopping up and driving all over to find a new fridge. The worst part is that in the middle of all that hoopla, her big fat cat Mr. Ears had a stroke and lost the use of this back legs and was at the vets until they could figure out what to do.

On top of that, in the middle of the day, I went down to check my mail and came face to face with a giant bloodhound! He was heading up my narrow stairs and determined to get inside my apartment. He knocked me right over as he shoved me aside. I had no idea they were such LARGE DOGS! Do you know I have never seen a bloodhound before? They are not common as pets out in California and I never saw one in Indiana, either! He was the most beautiful soft caramel brown color and had those droopy ears and eyes. He was very sweet but I have no idea where he came from! He wasn't wearing a collar but he was so well groomed I know he belonged to someone.

Maybe he was looking for the possums, racoons or dangerous fugitives I always have landing on my stoop. Either way, I said I should go look up what it MEANS when you get a bloodhound on your doorstep on your 50th birthday. Something needs sniffing out? Find the Trail to Happiness? I don't know but I'm open for suggestions!

Once Again, thank you ALL for your wonderful comments and birthday wishes!


Janet said...

Wow!! That was some birthday! I'm not sure what bloodhounds mean but I'm sure it must be a good sign. I can't think anything caramel colored with droopy ears would be bad!

Loved the puking pumpkin!!

PEA said...

LOL glad you could use my puking pumpkin to warn about drinking! hehe Geez, your birthday certainly didn't turn out the way it should have!! Hopefully you and your friend can go out for a birthday dinner at a later date? As for the bloodhound, I've actually never come across one but I know they are big dogs from what I've seen on tv!! Hugs xox