Tuesday, October 03, 2006

All Gone

Life sure seems to be full of the wrong kind of change, lately. Things going, going, gone...and not being replaced! This old trunk: Gone!

And the sofa's you see in the picture? Gone! And that pretty pink rug? Gone! All worn out, worn down, worn away.

Yesterday I recieved a very unexpected letter from my doctor. He and his wife are retiring and turning over the practice to a nice new doctor and his wife. I was shocked, stressed and somewhat afraid. I don't get on well with doctors. They don't seem to HEAR me and they cetainly don't ever seem to give a diddly-dang about me. My doctor is one of those rare, wonderful, amazing men, and it took a long time to find him. He is rather famous for being known as the 'Magic Doctor' because he does little sleight of hand tricks, jokes, and puzzles to lighten the mood and make the world spin humorously for a little bit.

I had JUST asked him if he was planning on retiring anytime soon and he had guffawed at me. This guy is so vital, alive, perky, interested in everything and tuned in, there just seems no way he would just QUIT like that and walk away.

Now I have to contend with the newness and awkwardness of a total stranger taking over my physical/medical well being. What if I don't like his personality? What if he is one of those arrogant young egomaniacs fresh out of hot-shot school?

Now, I know what my sofa, chest and wool rug felt like as they were being hauled off to the Salvation Army: "WHAT? You are just OFFLOADING us? But you LOVED us last month! We've been with you for YEARS and this is how you repay us? By just Dumping Us and preparing to replace us with something NEW? Don't we matter at all? All those years of loyalty and steadfast patronage? Couldn't we just go a way for the weekend and see how it feels? Why does this have to be so permanent?

Yeah, like that.


Janet said...

I do not do well with doctors either. But I would say give the new guy a chance. Maybe he's good. If you liked the other doctor and trusted him....he is the one who chose his replacement. Trust his judgement.

I like how you tied these two events together. It is sad to get rid of things that have been with us for a long time. But everything has a life span!

PEA said...

I had a female doctor from the time I was 17...then 7 years ago she passed away. I panicked because for so many years she took care of me and suddenly I found myself having to look for another doctor! I'll never trust or like a doctor like I did her. I do wish you luck in finding another good one!