Thursday, October 05, 2006

First Rain

I woke in the early hours this morning to the blessed sound of rain. Oh, how I love to sleep in the rain. Well, not IN the rain, but you know what I mean. And I had a very comfy feeling that I had gotten my fall purse change-over accomplished just in time!

Yesterday, I realized my summer purse was due for a rest, and that I had several purse projects that were unfinished in some way because the end product was unsatisfactory. So I got those out and fixed them up. Here is my FeedSack Chick purse:

It needed some kind of closure so things didn't fall out of it all the time, and also a little inner cosmetic bag to hold the vials, potions, pills and chicken feed necessary for forays around the barnyard. So I made this:

It's from neat old pillow ticking fabric and it, too, has a snap closure.

A while ago I got this grocery bag out and covered the awful logo with an old quilt block. I have a few of these canvas totes around, but refuse to carry anything with a LOGO on it. Not unless they are paying me to be a human billboard, I won't stoop to it! So I always cover the painted or silkscreened surface with something of my own. I always seem to have leftover quilt blocks hanging around so it's just a matter of getting the right size. I am putting longer straps on this bag becuase the hand-grip size strap is never a good idea! Hands are for car key carrying and opening doors! Hands cannot be full of bag-handles at the same time!

If you bring your own bags to Trader Joes, your name goes in a drawing to receive 50 dollars worth of free groceries! I can and I do sign up as often as possible. Sorry, Trader Joes, this bag was once yours!:

(Picture refusing to show up, Thanks Blogspot, AGAIN!!!! grrrr)

And last but not least:

This was a cotton upholstry fabric attempt at making a 'sausage' purse. Not a shape I normally can stand to carry. I am very particular about purses, which is why I started making my own. I want pockets and a certain length of handle, and it has to LAY well on my side and not be too cumbersome or too sloppy. And it can't be too small and thus rendered worthless. But it can't be the Black Hole of Calcutta where things get lost in the bottom of it never to be found again until seasonal purse change time! So these deep sausage style (or slingbacks or whatever they are called) are not my cup of tea. So I modified it by making it more shallow, eliminating the draw string and insterting an elastic band instead, and changing the handles from 'backpack' to a shoulder strap. I'm using the chicken purse at the moment, so the jury is still out on whether the modified verison of this is going to be workable. If not, I'll gut it and save the fabric if I can.


PEA said...

It's so funny that you should be talking about purses today because this morning I emptied out my summer purse and transfered everything into my Fall purse! Like you, I'm very particular about my purse but I've never attempted to make my own...God knows what it would look like! lol What a great idea about covering the logo on those totes!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Yes, I have seasonal bags too. I have my good black leather one for winter. But I have threee lovely summer ones. One is a crocheted one I bought about five years ago and I love it. The other two my very clever daughter made for me and they create lots of comments when I use them (depending on the colour scheme I'm in that day). One cannot have too many bags and purses!

Janet said...

I love the idea of covering logos over with something pretty. I have several canvas totes but they have dumb pictures or logos on them. Now I think I'll try that myself.

P.S. - I shop at Trader Joes all the time and I also take my own bags. I hate having bags pile up whether they're paper or plastic.