Thursday, October 12, 2006

A mess of purses

Well, I am paying the price for drinking fully leaded tea and sewing for 12 hours non-stop yesterday. I was having so much fun while it was happening but I went to bed feeling like someone had pounded me with a ballpeen hammer and shot radioactive dye through all my nerve endings. Ouch.

(Oops! Photos wont upload (AGAIN!!! Grrrrrr!!!) so I'll try again later.)
Okay, Here we go!

Today I am laying low and enjoying the fruit of my labors and have switched to non-tannin tea, a nice green Jasmine Tea instead.

I wanted to post this picture of the kind of mess I make when I sew. You get to see the cute finished project, but here is the REAL story. The bed is heaped with fabric, scraps, and strips, the floor is full of thread ends and scraps galore and the mess spreads on out to the ironing board and the whole room. I had to vacuum for a LONG time when cleaning this up! (The perfect sewing room would have a tile floor! Quick sweep and you are done!)


Janet said...

Good ol' blogger stikes again! I hope we get to see the photos later.

That "leaded" tea can really do a number on me so I just stick to "unleaded" all the time. Makes it easier.

PEA said...

Blogger was really being a pain AGAIN earlier today...I couldn't even get on my own blog!! Oh dear, I do hope you feel better REAL soon!!! Hugs!

Janet said...

Just checked back and saw the photos. You made some really great purses! I like that penguin (I think that's what it is) fabric, and I can just barely see roses on one of the purses in back. Love them all!!

Anonymous said...

thank goodness my room has wood floors :P
The clothing construction classrooms here at college had carpeted floors! and cutting tables on wheels! how silly is that!